Rose Choules | Hand made shoes


Rose hand makes small runs of shoes and leather goods from her shared studio and shop - The Workshop in Bude, North Cornwall.

Inspired by ancient styles such as the moccasin and clog, which are rich in folklore and cultural symbolism, she blends traditional techniques with a modern day aesthetic drawn from many places; from the Royal made-to-measure workshop of John Lobb in London to remote villages with Cree artisans in Canada's Northern Saskatchewan.

With a flair for contemporary style and design, honed over 10 years as a footwear designer for leading fashion brands, she creates one-off time-honoured pieces that will then be developed into seasonal collections. 

2011 saw the moccasin collection debut in the Selfridges shoe galleries as a pop-up atelier for the Christmas season. This offered a ready-to-wear collection alongside a bespoke service where customers could see their pairs being stitched together in-store. Working in this shared way has always been a principle feature of how she interacts with customers. 

Rose values using local materials and working with fellow crafts people to create cherishable pieces that pay homage to the past, galvanise the best of the present and pave a sustainable way to the future.